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Kite Surfing Packages

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The most popular kite for beginners and intermediate riders in Dubai  , perfect for light wind , the easiest relaunch in the lightest wind which will make you 100% in-dependant when you are taking your first few steps towards progression , it a kite that you will not grow out of after few weeks but will take you from a beginner all the way up to intermediate-advanced rider .

Full refund offered within 1 week of purchase if you are not satisfied , no questions asked !!!

Full Packages starting at 5900 AED you cannot go wrong .

This package is aimed towards beginners who do not want to spend an arm and a leg to start kite surfing .

The vision kite is an all terrain kite that will be help beginners progress without suffering , the ease of its use and forgiveness makes it a very easy and friendly kite to fly.
VISION "Superior versatility, exceptionally balanced"

The VISION is surprisingly fun and accessible only after 10 minutes you ride it. Easy to turn, smooth easy power with quick acceleration, perfect handling in gusty conditions and water relaunchable on the spot! Usable by the largest variety of kiters in the water today, we see no limits of development of the range of use in any conditions.

Combined with the RRD PLACEBO board you are guaranteed to get up and going in no time !! Learning the maneuvers, skills, and technical know-how is one of the important aspects of Kite Surfing. Familiarize yourself with the essential lessons and techniques on how to kitesurf and understand the ins and outs of the sport so you can have a safe and enjoyable Kitesurfing experience. Our school works under the IKO (IKO: International Kiteboarding Organization) standards , all our instructors are internationally certified instructors ,and will help you get started in a very safe environment , contact us and try one of our courses today !! 
    Price of individual lesson 350dhs/h  with all equipment included. 

    Price for 2 students simultaneously 275dhs/h per person with all equipment included.

    Price for 3 students simultaneously 225dhs/h per person with all equipment included.

    Price for 4 students simultaneously 195dhs/h per person with all equipment included.

 Level 1 Kitesurfer 3 Hour

    Please note that outcomes may vary with students abilities or changing weather conditions on the day.
    Wind direction
    Equipment and setup
    Wind window
    Theory on how the Kite turns, flies, powers up and depowers
    Assisting launching the kite
    Flying the kite and activating
    Launching the kite assisted
    Go to the water and perform a down wind body drag course in the water entering and existing the water alone
    Relaunch the kite in the water
    Perform a self rescue in deep water
    Perform a cross wind body drag

Level 2 Kitesurfer 2 Hour

    Set up the kite and check the equipment alone
    Body drag away from shore going down wind and come back to shore
    Body drag across the wind
    Body dragging across the wind with one hand and go up wind
    Confidently body dragging upwind with the kite holding stable height in the sky
    Learn the water start theory and practice excersizes (Body / board positions and kite control method)
    Recover the board in deep water and place your feet into the foot straps whilst flying the kite
    Positioning and controlling the kite to water start and stand up on the board
    Stand up on the board and ride down wind whilst flying the kite up and down

 Level 3 Kitesurfer 2 Hours

    Set up and check your equipment for your session
    Ride away from shore on the board and ride back to shore
    Edge on Heelside and Toeside to change course
    Stop by edging hard
    Be able to keep an edge
    Ride away from shore and come back to the starting point. Ride upwind
    Constantly ride upwind

Understanding the Wind Window     Understanding the Wind Window
The Wind Window is the area in which you will fly the kite. It will be impossible to fly the kite outside this area.
Hand Signals     Hand Signals
To communicate with other water users and maintain order and safety in a Kite Surfing location, kite surfers use several hand signals.
Rules & Etiquette     Rules & Etiquette
As with all other activities, you should be considerate of other people. Observe the rules and safety guidelines to maintain order when kite surfing.
Basic Maneuvers

Piloting the Kite     Piloting the Kite
Kite Surfing entails piloting the kite and maneuvering the board.
Launching the Kite     Launching the Kite
Know the different techniques in successfully launching a power kite.
Launching the Kite Alone     Launching the Kite Alone
Every kite surfer should have assistance when launching. However, if you dare to try launching alone, observe the necessary measures in order to have a safe launch.
Landing the Kite     Landing the Kite
After you have successfully launched your kite and surfed among the waves, it’s now time to return to the beach.
Water Re-launch     Water Re-launch
There is always the possibility of crashing into the water even if you have exerted copious amounts of effort not to.
Depowering     Depowering
Depowering can be done either by linking the lines to form different knots or by using a strap which affects the tension on the center lines.
Getting into the Water

Body Dragging     Body Dragging
Kite Surfing without a board underneath your feet is not only possible but immensely popular as well. This technique is called Body Dragging.
Waterstarting     Waterstarting
Waterstarting is all about stabilizing the kite while being attached to a board. A kite surfer should also know the power of the kite and the amount of traction needed to pull him onto the board.
Steering the Board / Reaching     Steering the Board / Reaching
Reaching or steering the board is a fundamental technique in Kite Surfing.
Going Upwind     Going Upwind
Spare yourself from going continuously back to the beach by learning how to ride upwind. This section covers several helpful tips on how to go upwind.
Going Downwind     Going Downwind
You also need to know how to go downwind or leeward when necessary.
Balancing the Speed of Kite & Board     Balancing the Speed of Kite & Board
While managing the speed of your kite, you also have to manage the speed of your board.

Kite Surfing in Overpowered Situation     Kite Surfing in Overpowered Situation
Kite Surfing involves the need to know how to deal with different situations and wind conditions.
Kite Surfing in Underpowered Situation     Kite Surfing in Underpowered Situation
Underpowered situations are inevitable in Kite Surfing. Know what to do other than swimming back to shore in case the wind suddenly dies down and your kite loses power while Kite Surfing.
Jumping     Jumping
Jumping is easy to learn and it is one of the techniques that will make the sport more exciting.
Toeside     Toeside
Surfing toeside enables you to do transitions. It is also similar to riding on the toe edge in Snowboarding. 

Kite Surfing Packages
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